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Spock's offspring

Dams of previous Sagimus litters, who are no longer with us:

S U CH Juniper Pyssimanda  "Pyssi" 1976-1991
R litter

S V Ch Ottercap Magic Pie  "Maja" 1999-2011
H and E litters

J Sagimus Huldra  "Hulda"  2000-2013
Maja's daughter, dam of the S litter

Hulda 1 år Hulda 6 år

Sagimus Esmeralda  "Selma"/"Sissi"  2001 - 2016
with Kaj and Ulla-Britt Sjö in Östersund from 2005
P litter

Sagimus Sirella "Silla"  2002 - 2015
Silla was the daughter of Hulda and our boy Bedeslea Springbok,
dam of the R2- and the J litters.

Silla juni 06

Sagimus Ruter Dam      "Terri"   2003 - 2017
Silla's daughter, dam of the T litter and grandmother of Trixa through Trixa's sire Trick Trick1

Our previous stud dog:

Bedeslea Springbok     "Spock"   b 2001
Sire of the S and P litters at Sagimus plus a number of litters with other breeders: Spock's offspring

Stömyra Philippa Jackson 2012-

with Gunilla Hahne in Stockholm from 2020

Philippa is a great-granddaughter of Spock, and dam of the D- and T2 litters.