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Left Trick at 8 weeks,  center at 2 1/2 years, right at 8 1/2 years still with a good reach

Left 5 years, right 9 years

Trick's story is special. In the litter he was overshadowed by his exceptional brother Troll, and started out life as a pet in Sweden. However at 2 1/2 years of age circumstances required a change of homes. As he came back to live at our house in the search for new owners, we realized how well he had developed and that his temperament is spot on what we wish to produce - friendly and open, stable and at the same time being able to turn on and do what is necessary in case of need. The perfect new owners were Britta and Dirk Allewelt near Hamburg, where he happily joined a small Border pack of two bitches and an older male and soon made his debut in the show ring. The hopes were fulfilled in German show Champion titles (repeated in Veteran class), International show Champion CIB and also the European VDH winner title in 2010.
A re-homed dog always requires an extra effort and Britta has made a fantastic job. Trick has turned out to be well suited for obedience and utility dog work, comfortable also around other dogs of all kinds. He has been through the formal approval for breeding in Germany and used by several continental breeders. Now he is a nine year old gentleman who is very well preserved.


Left Trick with training companions, right giving Britta his full attention

Trick and Philippa at play in May 2015