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Bedeslea Springbok      "Spock"

  Spock 9 months Spock at 9 weeks
Spock, born 2000-10-26, was bred by Carolyn Fry. He brought us the Dandyhow background we were so eager to strengthen in our lines, since the old Swedish lines we love build mainly on Dandyhow dogs Stamtavla Spock. He leaves a clear stamp on his pups, great fronts, pelts, coats and ribcages, and especially the beautiful Border temperament that is the most important trait whichever type life the dog is destined for. He was imported and the first five years owned by us.  Spock has won "CC quality" in the show ring and has passed the first level blood-tracking test. This page is a list of the merits we value most highly, his wonderful offspring. Thank you Carolyn for letting us own this great dog, who is still putting his stamp on descendants in our home as well as in other kennels in Sweden and Germany.

Bosco / Sagimus Santos  maj06
Sagimus S litter  3+4 b 2002-02-28 ex J Sagimus Huldra

Sagimus Santos S V CH
Sagimus Sargon
Sagimus Sarek

Sagimus Seska
Sagimus Salia
Sagimus Sirella
Sagimus Shenara

Hailees Wonderboy Eddie  8 months   photo Kathryn Wiik
Hailees W litter  2+1  b  2002-05-30 ex S o N U Ch Hailees Oh La La

Hailees Wonderboy
Hailees Whippersnapper

Hailees Whoopsadaisy

"Danny" 7 weeks
Atterboms B litter  4+0 b 2002-09-02 ex S V Ch Atterboms Kajsa Amanda

Atterboms Basin Street Blues
Atterboms Blues for Bass
Atterboms Body and Soul
Atterboms Blow Top Blues

Hammartorpets Elliot "Linus" 5 months

Hammartorpets E litter  4+1 b 2002-11-23 ex Hoksel Cerrina

Hammartorpets Edison
Hammartorpets Eldorado
Hammartorpets Elliot
Hammartorpets Excellent

Hammartorpets Ellinor

Sagimus P litter  0+4 b 2003-07-09 ex Sagimus Esmeralda

Sagimus Prima
Sagimus Pila
Sagimus Polka
Sagimus Pärla


Atterboms Peewee's Blues "Sigge" 8 weeks

Atterboms P litter 2+0 b 2004-08-26 ex S V Ch Atterboms Kajsa Amanda

Atterboms Prelude To A Kiss
Atterboms Peewee's Blues

Siri   / Fugato's Serenade maj06

Fugato's S litter  0+1 b 2005-02-16 ex Fugato's Operett

Fugato's Serenade  CIB FI NO SE U CH

Fugatos Soul On Top "Egon"

Fugato's S litter 3+2 b 2006-01-04 ex S U CH Bordrocks Lizz'Ossi

Fugato's Soul On Top NO U CH
Fugato's Step Right Up
Fugato's Swing the Mood
Fugato's Salsa Magic  NO SE U CH  SE V CH
Fugato's Samba Caramba  SE U CH

 Trientalis StyrBjörn foto Jenni Broms

Trientalis 4+5 b 2006-02-13 ex N U CH S V CH Trientalis Batseba

Trientalis Sebastian
Trientalis Sibelius
Trientalis Sigge Bigge
Trientalis StyrBjörn
Trientalis Saba
Trientalis Siba
Trientalis Sabina
Trientalis Sibylla
Trientalis Siri Biri


Sandkilens 0+1 b 2007-03-12 ex Sagimus Henry-Etta

 Sandkilens Kajsa Kavat